Welcome to Satadev.com  We are a professional software development and design company located in Miramar, Florida.  Our focus is on building custom, cross-platform, standards-compliant web and mobile applications.  We design beautiful, highly-usable user interfaces, and we also provide support for existing applications, Content Management Systems (CMS), and E-commerce platforms. We are senior-level Python, Java, and PHP developers, and we are experts with both the Django Framework, and the Android OS.

Our Mission

"Quality Service, Quality Software"

Our goal is simple - to provide your with the best service by producing high-quality software solutions that best suit your needs.  We strive to create the best user experience for you and your clients by providing you the best tools so you can grow your business and readily adapt to changing business needs.

Open Source

We are passionate about open source and construct our applications so that you can have as much control as possible.  Unfortunately, some technology companies will build your application and then hold it hostage by charging additional fees for licensing or transfer of ownership.  On the other hand, by using open source technologies we can provide you with a product that you can fully own.  This way if you ever need to change anything, you are free to chose among the many providers available to you and you don't owe us a cent!  Most of our clients are return-customers who are more than satisfied with our work.

Our Process

All too often, we hear horror stories of projects which have failed to meet projected deadlines or have gone way over budget.  Other projects 'meet deadlines' but then ignore usability, are full of bugs, or otherwise fail to meet expected levels of quality.  To avoid these problems, we have developed a structured and systematic process that ensures that we meet and exceed your expectations and generally helps to make everyone's life easier.  We also understand that a client's needs may change during the course of development.  Therefore, we employ a flexible, additive, incremental methodology that is focused on functionality without ignoring usability or aesthetics.  Our projects are usually divided into the following phases:

  Requirement/Needs Assessment

It is very important to know exactly what an application does, its purpose, and what features are necessary to accomplish that purpose.  To that end, we listen carefully to your needs and present you with solutions that best suit your business process.  If we dont have the answers, we don't pretend that we do.  Instead, we research carefully and get back to you.

  Research and Design Architecture

Technology moves very fast.  What was cutting-edge several months ago may not be the appropriate solution today.  On the other hand, what is cutting edge today may not have the proper support, documentation, or community of developers making sure that it is a viable long-term investment.  For these reasons, we spend a significant amount of time doing the preliminary research to make sure that we are on the right track.  Once we move onto application architecture, we deliver an application design that follows the recommended standards.  This way, you don't end up with a final product that is written in some obscure language that only a few can understand.  [You may laugh, but we see this happen all the time.]  After we settle on the most appropriate approach, we prepare the schedules and timeline estimates.

  Development and Deployment

We use Git for version control and Trac for bug tracking.  As we develop, we provide you with regular updates so you are never in the dark as to what we are doing.  Also, we deploy in an incremental fashion so you can always view the latest changes and provide us with feedback.  We also prepare unit tests to verify that the application is 100% functional.

  Testing and Q&A

After the development phase, we move on to testing and quality assurance.  We verify that the application meets all of the specified requirements.

  Support Phase

We will train you on how to use your application, prepare the proper documentation, provide continuing technical support, and, if necessary, manage the application for you.