Why open source?

Please read Red Hat's article entitled 'Why open source?'.


Why Python?

See the Technology section of our site for some of the reasons why we use Python.  Here are some other reasons:


Why Django?

We believe that Django is the best tool for building websites.  So do many others including NASA and Google.  Using Django significantly cuts down on our development time.  This means lowered costs.  At the same time Django helps us to build more robust, secure, and scalable enterprise-level applications.

There is a very accessible 'Slide Share' presentation regarding the capabilities of Django entitled 'Intro to Django for media companies.'


Who else uses Django?

Below is an yet another incomplete list of who else is using Django:


Why don't you use PHP?

We support PHP.  However PHP is not a truly object oriented language.  As a result, it often gets in the way of writing clean, concise, understandable, portable code.  On the other hand, Python has true object orientation. This results in a more consistent codebase, making development faster (more affordable), and more secure.  Python is also described as having a 'very high signal-to-noise ratio.'  This means that the code is generally of a much higher quality than that of PHP.  We use PHP, but we prefer Python.  Read more about Python in our Technology section.


Why don't you use Wordpress?

We support Wordpress.  It's ease of use makes it an extremely popular blog-turned-CMS PHP solution.  However, we do not use it.  It is a PHP solution.  For professional web projects, we use Python and Django.  Django is a full-blown web development framework that is capable of supporting enterprise-level applications.  We can deploy your application faster, respond to requirement changes more readily, and you end up with a better product.  Read more about Django in our Technology section.

For more on Wordpress read the excellent post entitled 'Why we don't use WordPress' by our comrades at Wellfire Interactive.


How much do you charge?

For consultations we charge a base rate of $200 per hour.  For development it is $100 per hour.  However, if you need more of a long-term service we can price based on daily or weekly rates.  We also have various support packages available.


Do you outsource?

No.  Yes - when it makes sense to do so.


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