Consulting Services

We can help you plan, design, and develop your application.  Our technical consulting services are founded on best-practices methodology.  We can help you with your information architecture, application optimization, and application performance tuning.

Custom Web Applications

We build custom web applications using Django.  If you have an idea for an application or a website, we can build it for you.  We are experts at integrating the necessary technologies to make your next project a success.  We also create custom plugins, modules, and applications to work with existing frameworks and APIs.  Whether CMS, e-commerce, web, or mobile - we can provide you with a customized solution that perfectly fits your needs.

Mobile Applications

We are Android OS experts and can also create iOS applications for the iPhone and iPad.  Our specialty is in porting iPhone applications from iOS to the Android platform.  We can also create fully custom Django backends to support your cloud-based mobile apps.  Read more about Android in our Technology section.

Visual Arts Software

We design highly usable, beautiful, and unique user interfaces.  We create user interfaces for web applications, mobile applications, and desktop applications.  We also create multimedia installations using OpenFrameworks and Adobe Air.  If you have an idea for an art installation, we can help.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

Our prefered CMS solution is the Django-based FeinCMS.  We also support custom CMS applications, DjangoCMS, ExpressionEngine, Zend Framework, Drupal, Wordpress, and many others.

E-commerce Solutions

We create custom online e-commerce experiences using Django Oscar.  We also support and customize Magento Commerce applications.  We do full product catalog migrations as well as create custom templates and plugins.


After we build your site, we always prepare the necessary documentation and make sure you are trained on the use of your application.  For applications requiring ongoing maintenance, we have various support packages available.