Tools We Use

Android OS

We are Android platform specialists creating apps that work on both phone and tablet devices.  In addition, we can also architect and build full backend solutions to ensure that your mobile app is cloud-ready.  Our specialty is in porting iPhone applications from iOS to the Android platform.  Do you have an iPhone app that you would like to migrate over to Android?  We can help.


We work with visual artists and create custom OpenFrameworks interactive art installations.  If you need help with an application requiring custom functionality and/or specialized graphics programming, we can help.


Python is an extremely well organized programming language that allows us to work more quickly and in a highly organized fashion.  It runs practically everywhere and there are tens of thousands of high-quality packages available for extending the functionality.  We seldom run into a situation where Python does not have what we need.  This allows us to build our systems efficiently, without duplicating effort, and thereby lowering costs.  Python is also free and open source.

Django Framework

We use Django.  From the Django Project website:

"Django is a high-level Python Web framework that encourages rapid development and clean, pragmatic design...  It lets you build high-performing, elegant Web applications quickly."

Examples of some sites built with Django include Instagram, Pinterest, Disqus,,, and many others.  Django is highly scalable, and well supported.  Django also has many high-quality packages available so you can always extend its functionality with minimum investment.  For advanced Geo-enabled applications we use GeoDjango.


FeinCMS is an advanced Content Management System that is built on top of Django.  It has a highly flexible architecture that allows us to quickly mold it into the perfect CMS solution for you.

Oscar E-commerce Framework

Our preferred e-commerce solution is the Oscar E-commerce Framework also based on the Django framework.  It is open source, free, easy to use, secure, and highly-customizable.  Oscar has a robust codebase with a dedicated community of programmers.  It is also highly modular, making the creation of custom configurations more cost effective.


We are experts in HTML5, advanced Javascript, CSS 2 and 3. Our open source development tools allow us to build robust, cross-platform, standards compliant applications that observe usability principles such as graceful degradation while maintaining a high level of usability and SEO functionality.


Linux is more robust, secure, efficient, and provides more variety in terms of possible deployment environments.  We work with all flavours including Ubuntu, Debian, Red Hat, Fedora, and CentOS.  We can configure the environment according to your project's specifications and provide ongoing support for your setup.

Tools We Support

The following is an incomplete list of technologies that we support:


  • Android, iOS


  • Python, Django, GeoDjango and spatially enabled apps
  • Salt, Fabric, Git
  • Amazon Web Services (AWS)


  • OpenFrameworks, Flash Air, Actionscript, Prototype
  • ImageMagick, Python Imaging Language (PIL)
  • Image Recognition, OCR, NLTK


  • SQL, PostgreSQL, Sqlite, MySQL

Content Management (CMS)

  • FeinCMS, DjangoCMS, Wordpress

E-commerce Solutions

  • Oscar, Magento


  • jQuery, Prototype, ProcessingJs


  • Open Layers, Google maps
  • Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, RSS
  • Many others


If your technology is not listed above, ask us!